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Kitchen Deep Cleans for Restaurants

Is your restaurant in need of a deep cleaning? Do you want a professional team to rid your kitchen of greasy residues, grout dirt, scale, and lime build-up? If so, contact us right now! EDC work outside your service hours to avoid any business disruptions. We issue certificates to evidence our work, and can guarantee your full satisfaction. Call us on 01554 810238 or 07514 376504, send an e-mail, or fill in the contact form to get your free quotation.


Restaurant Cleaning Services — Advantages of a Spotless Kitchen

Kitchen deep cleaning is not only welcome, but also compulsory. Why? Food particles accumulated behind furniture, on the worktops or in grout attract pests. Dirty vents can also cause food contamination. Under these circumstances, food spoils faster, and the staff face an uphill battle, decreasing your restaurant’s work efficiency. When it comes to commercial kitchens, cleanliness is also a matter of safety — fat residues amassing in the extraction ducting are one of the most common causes of fires in restaurants.

EDC offer professional restaurant cleaning services in and around Swansea. We can make all the listed problems go away, and do so at very competitive prices. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

What Services Does Restaurant Deep Cleaning Involve?

As a part of the restaurant deep cleaning services, we can do the following:

  • degrease and disinfect worktops to remove any residues, bacteria, and grime,
  • clean the appliances, such as fryers, ovens, burners, cooktops, flattops, grills, refrigeration units, dishwashers, or warewashers,
  • make canopies, ducts, and fans spotless,
  • carry out wall, ceiling, and floor cleaning,
  • clean the sinks and unclog drains and pipes, if necessary,
  • scrub racks, shelves, pantries, and cabinets,
  • reach any nooks that are difficult to get to on a day-to-day basis.

Restaurant Deep Cleaning Swansea and the Neighbouring Areas

EDC are based in Swansea, but we offer restaurant deep cleaning Cardiff and restaurant deep cleaning Newport just as well. As long as your restaurant is located within a 150-kilometre radius from Swansea, we will gladly take care of your kitchen. Call us today and get a free quotation!


How often should I schedule deep cleaning for my restaurant kitchen?

The frequency depends on factors such as the volume of kitchen usage, or even your menu. We can recommend a schedule tailored to your needs, but typically it is best to carry out deep cleaning quarterly or semi-annually.

Are EDC’s deep cleaning services compliant with industry standards and health regulations?

Yes, our services strictly adhere to industry standards and local health regulations. We prioritise hygiene and ensure that your kitchen meets or exceeds all legal requirements.

What areas of the restaurant kitchen do EDC’s deep cleaning services cover?

We clean cooking equipment, ventilation systems, hard surfaces, and any hard-to-reach spots.