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Canopy Cleaning

Restaurant owners should never underestimate the importance of a pristine grease extraction system. It is vital to regularly clean the kitchen canopy — not only to remain TR19-compliant, but also to reduce fire risk and improve air quality. EDC offer commercial cleaning services in and around Swansea (up to around 100 miles). We adhere to industry guidelines, ensuring meticulous cleaning that will meet all your expectations at an attractive price.


Canopy Cleaning Services — What Do We Offer?

Clean canopies allow for compliance with insurance and fire safety requirements, as well as TR19 guidelines. They also improve airflow in the kitchen, creating a safer, healthier environment for your employees. Call us today to use our industrial cleaning services — we will make the canopies in your restaurant spotless!

We offer specialised cleaning procedures for your kitchen canopies: we will take out the filters and thoroughly rid them of the accumulated grease and dirt, along with the canopy plenum. In doing so, we will substantially reduce fire risk in your restaurant, as the greasy residues are highly flammable. It is important to keep in mind that cleaning the filters alone is not enough, which is why we always make sure to give a deep clean to the whole canopy.

We will also issue a “Certificate of Cleanliness” as the evidence of the work we carried out. With before-and-after photos and an optional post-clean report, we can guarantee your satisfaction.

Best Kitchen Canopy Cleaners in the Area

Canopy filters cool the air and reduce the amount of grease getting into the extract duct. This increases the overall air quality in the kitchen and helps keep the greasy residues off all the surfaces. However, dirty kitchen canopies pose a serious fire hazard and attract pests, such as cockroaches and rats. Regular professional cleaning is, therefore, a must.

Our specialists are one of the best when it comes to industrial cleaning services Swansea. Call us today and see for yourself — we provide high-quality services at the lowest possible price. Contact us on 01554 810238 or 07514 376504 and ask for a free quotation. Together, we will discuss your individual preferences and requirements.

Industrial and Commercial Cleaning Swansea, Cardiff, Newport…

If you are searching for first-rate commercial cleaning Cardiff, EDC are here to cater to your needs. We are based in Swansea, but are willing to travel to your premises (within 100 miles). Whether you seek commercial cleaning Newport, Ammanford, or Llanelli, we are ready to help. All you have to do is reach out to us — you can do so via telephone, e-mail, or the contact form available on our website. Let us make your kitchen canopy squeaky clean!


How often should kitchen canopy cleaning take place?

It depends on the frequency of canopy use, but in a successfully operating restaurant, an annual cleaning of the canopies is the bare minimum. It is worth following these guidelines:

  • light canopy usage (less than 6 hours a day) — clean annually,
  • moderate usage (6–12 hours a day) — clean once every six months,
  • heavy usage (more than 12 hours a day) — clean quarterly.

Are EDC’s industrial canopy cleaning services compliant with safety regulations?

Yes. We provide both external and internal cleaning services (including canopy cleaning) that comply with all safety requirements. Our specialists are highly experienced, qualified, and fully insured. We issue “Certificates of Cleanliness”.

How do I find the best industrial cleaning services near me?

If your business is based in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, or within 100 miles from the latter, you have already found the best: EDC Cleaning Services! In other case, use your web browser to search for “industrial cleaning services near me”. Pay attention to client testimonials.