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Fan Cleaning

EDC specialize in commercial cleaning services. We can make your restaurant kitchen spotless by thoroughly cleaning the ductwork, kitchen canopies, and fans. Why is it important? Kitchen extraction systems which are not cleaned on a regular basis, especially in busy restaurants, pose a serious fire hazard. What’s more, due to industry regulations, ignoring the obligation of professional fan cleaning could mean that your insurance won’t cover you in case of a fire. Don’t hesitate to give us a call — we will remove the greasy residues accumulated on your kitchen fans!


Industrial Fan Cleaning Services for Your Restaurant

Regardless of your ventilation system’s efficiency, grease will always find a way to accumulate in the ductwork, canopies, and on fans. Over time, without a professional deep clean, it will build up and begin to pose a threat. By ensuring the fans are clean, we will reduce the risk and make your kitchen TR19-compliant. We take before-and-after photos, ask whether you are satisfied with the results, and issue a “Certificate of Cleanliness”.

Restaurant Kitchen Fan Cleaning Swansea

If the grease settling on the fans is not regularly cleaned, it can eventually catch fire. Just one spark from the cooking station would be enough. This is why we recommend you contact us as soon as possible, get a free quotation and set a date for thorough fan cleaning. Swansea is where we are based, but we are willing to travel to your restaurant as long as it is located within 100 miles. If you are interested in fan cleaning Cardiff, or perhaps fan cleaning Newport, just give us a call! We are available on 01554 810238 or 07514 376504. You can also e-mail us or fill in our contact form.


Are EDC’s fan cleaning services suitable for all types of kitchen fans?

Yes, we can clean any kitchen fan. Our specialists have a lot of experience and a good understanding of ventilation systems.

Can I do it myself, or is industrial fan cleaning necessary?

While cleaning the fans yourself is possible, it typically proves ineffective. Professional cleaning ensures a thorough job. Our experts use special detergents, techniques, and equipment to achieve better results. We also issue “Certificates of Cleanliness”.

How often should I get my kitchen fans professionally cleaned?

Frequency may vary based on the fan usage and your kitchen environment. However, we normally recommend that the fans be cleaned at least once a year to maintain optimal performance and air quality in your workspace.