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High Level Cleans

At EDC, we offer both external and internal high level industrial cleaning services. We work with businesses, such as factories, food producers, warehouses, schools, hospitals, etc. All our scissor lift and cherry picker operators have wide, first-hand experience, as well as necessary qualifications to operate at heights. They are also insured and know how to comply with all safety requirements. You can get a free quotation and schedule a meeting by contacting us on 01554 810238,, or via the online contact form.


What You Need to Know about High Level Cleaning

High level cleaning is a type of service that must in all cases be undertaken by a professional with proper qualifications. We have the experience and skill set needed to offer it to businesses from a number of sectors. Whether you are a restaurant owner, a warehouse or factory manager, or work at a school or care home, you can be certain that we will be able to cater to your needs. High level commercial cleaning services are provided by our specialists, who are well-trained in this line of work and fully insured.

High Level Cleaning Services — Internal and External

High level internal cleaning is a service that can comprise cleaning of:

  • the roof linings,
  • walls,
  • windows (from the inside),
  • any internal steel structures,
  • machinery or elements without easy access,
  • ducting,
  • conduits,
  • internal cladding,
  • crane tracks,
  • skylights,
  • vents.

This type of high level cleaning requires the use of special equipment and detergents to remove dirt, stains, grease, dust, and debris.

High level external cleaning, on the other hand, is done on the outside of the building. It may include:

  • high level window cleaning,
  • roof cleaning,
  • gutter cleaning,
  • external cladding cleaning,
  • if necessary, solar panel cleaning,
  • sometimes also banner or signage cleaning.

Contact us today to discuss the individual needs of your business!

EDC — First-Rate High Level Cleans Swansea

Our highly skilled specialists use innovative equipment that allows for carrying out much of the work from the ground. They also utilise scissor lifts and cherry pickers. It is necessary that this work be carried out by certified, qualified operators. If your business is based in Southern Wales, you will be glad to know we are available not only in Swansea, but also other nearby towns and cities. We offer, among many others, high level cleaning services Cardiff and high level cleaning services Newport. Schedule an appointment today!


What is the difference between high level cleaning and regular cleaning?

High level cleaning happens at heights. It requires special certificates and equipment. EDC have both the experience and qualifications to provide such services.

How often should I schedule high level internal cleaning?

The frequency of high level internal cleaning depends on such factors as the size of your venue, average foot traffic, and individual cleaning needs. Scheduling it quarterly or semi-annually helps maintain a consistently clean environment.

Can commercial cleaning services be adjusted to the specific needs of my business?

Absolutely! Our high level cleaning services are customisable. We want to meet your expectations, and offer reasonable prices. Whether you need to focus on specific areas or require a complete top-to-bottom cleaning, we are here to help.